Capture the flag

What is Capture the flag?

The objective of this game is to capture the opposing teams' flags. When you login, you will be assigned a team. It will be your responsibility to meet with the members and determine strategies.

Each team will have a flagroom, which they must defend, along with a jailroom in which to keep members of the opposing teams. It would be wise to defend both areas. You can tell who your enemies are by what color armbands they wear.


* You cannot enter a flag room until all defenders have been killed or
  have fled.  Likewise, you cannot enter the entrance chamber to an
  opponent's flag room until all defenders have been killed or have fled.
* You may be raised and rejoin the game at any time.
* You may throw vanquished (dead) foes in your team's jail to keep them
  out of the game.
* You must "check in" at your headquarters (flag room) before you are 
  eligible to play.
* This is a contact sport.  Be prepared to be killed and/or lose equipment.
  These losses are not permanent, so don't be too afraid of dying for
  your team.
* Defending your own flag room is obviously of utmost importance.
* Defending your jail room can keep enemy players out of the game,
  giving your team an advantage.
* Take time to learn the locations of your team's two headquarters
  at the start as well as familiarizing yourself with the commands
  that are available to you.
capture    : This only works on ghosts.  If you capture an
                     enemy, you can drag them back to your jail.  You
                     only have a limited time to deposit them in the jail.
                     Logging out while holding ghosts means you lose them.

jailbird   : This is used after you capture an enemy.
                     A helper will drag the person to your jail, saving
                     you the trouble.  You only get to do this twice
                     during the game.

release    : Release a ghost from your custody.

jail       : At your team's jail, use this to throw a ghost you have
                     captured in the lockup.

free prisoners     : If you have killed all defenders at an enemy team's
                     jail, use this to free your friends.
teamwho            : List the members of your team.

And finally, you have a team-channel available to you. use your team-name as the command to talk on it. So if you are wearing a red armband, just type 'red ' to talk.

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