FR:The Next Dimension

This is the ultimate roleplaying mud. It is the good old Final Realms with stricter rules. You will not find any shouting, very few channels, if any.

This will be the place of no compromizes. The players are only able to play one char at a time, that is, they have to register their character to be able to log into the mud at all. Recruitment to this mud will typically be from the ordinary Final Realms.

We will try to have DM's for every guild or class, so that players not following the rules of their guild or class or race will be punished by their guild through the DM. You will not see the DM, just maybe a avatar of your God or something else..

The environment is the same as Final Realms itself, it is just a mirror of the mud. This will ensure the same development rate as the original MUD. Final Realms, as it is now, will continue as ever.

This is still on an idea basis, but we are developing it already. When a new idea or necessity appears, we add it if we like it.

The opening of this place will be at the same time we open the next verion of Final Realms. When that will be are a bit uncertain as usual, but the typical is august. Alas, august some year.


This is the third of the FR-MUD's. It will be a mud with as few rules as possible, typically suited for playerkilling. This will be the PK-mud someone likes to think FR is today.

march 1998 /