FR:Release mudlib

The mudlib.

The FR:Release mudlib is a ready to use mudlib. It consists of it's own hack on the MudOS using the DW-extensions and most functions you need to start your own MUD.

It also has a few examples.

The news group finalrealms.frmudlib on the FR news-server should be used for discussions about the mudlib. Fixes are also welcome.

Visit FR:Illumitech if you want to contribute on the development of the mudlib.


Feel free to download. The newest version is 3.4 and you need the mudlib and mudos v21.1b7 driver.

In the download area, you will also find the newest beta-version of the lib. This is basically just a copy of FR:Illumitech without the playerfiles and some of the domains. It shuld be directly playable and only need MudOS, now native MudOS.

You can also use Aragorns ftp mirror. if grabbing through HTTP won't work.


Remember to mail and tell us that you are using the mudlib.

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