Another Final Realms dimension.

FR:Illumitech is dedicated to teaching would-be coders and 'wizards' how to be responsible and productive in a MUD Environment while continually developing and improving the Final Realms Mudlib. Socialization and general mayhem are welcome as well.

Although we're open to the public, presently we need -experienced- coders who are willing to train newbies...Even -some- experience is better than none. We would like to invite anyone from the old LPCC or TMI who is still out there MUDding to please give us a gander.

If you don't like to teach, you can just contribute to the further development of the mudlib and also grab stuff here for you on your own mud.

Since this a joint effort please contribute and not only grab the coll stuff.

The mudlib will be released as FR:Release from time to time and tarballs will be available upon request.

Play FR:Illumitech here
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