Out of beta..

FR:Original and FR:anarchy are both running now. Players will save and the chaos is over.

Old players on FR:Original (aka 4001) have gotten their stats nulled out and they starts by picking their race again.


FR:Anarchy is now open.

FR:Anarchy, the new dimension of the Final Realms is now open on fr.imaginary.com port 4003. Here, basically everything is allowed, there are no rules against playerkilling, as soon as you are out of the newbie area, run for your life. Multiplaying is of course just as illegal as in the other dimensions.

FR:Original, aka 4001 will leave it's beta status quite soon.


Finally, the new mudlib has arrived, on FR

The short betatest period has started on FR using the new mudlib that has been in development for some time. Hopefully resulting in a better and more stable MUD


FR:Release - beta, FRlib IVR1-beta1

This release should in fact work, it has bugs but it boots. It comes with a driver for Linux glibc-2 but you can also compile your own driver using the v22.1b20 source code and this local_optionsfile.

You can also use Aragorns ftp mirror. if grabbing through HTTP won't work.


Trying Java telnet once more

If you need to connect to FR using Java, you can try it out here.


The MUD purity test

You know you have been mudding alot..


Mud party

Andraken, Luthic, Zimba and Nofret will host a mud party in Oslo, Norway january 22 to 24th. here is more info.


The Mud Journal.

The Mud Journal seems like a nice site for mudders. They even has a voting going on about the top ten muds, maybe someone should vote for us? maybe we all should?

The site is worth a look anyway.


New FR:Release.

At the Final Realms download area you will find the frmudlib 3.4.

You will need the mudlib and a MudOS-driver. The MudOS version you need is the v21.7b21. It's in one generic version and one working with glibc2 for Linux. It is only source code but some precompiled binaries is available and more will.

Check here if you want to know about the FR:Release mudlib.



We are happy to announce another member of the Final Realms, FR:Illumitech.



Castle, the server FR runs on has had an upgrade, it is now a dual Pentium 166MMX with 144M of RAM.


Two new additions:

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