Welcome to The Official Final Realms Theme pages! Since i took down my own server at Hedmark College (because i was done studying there) Baldrick was so kind to let me put my pages up at this server instead! Thanks alot!! =)
Right now i have tried to update all the pages, i dont think i miss anything from those pages, but if you find yourself left out, for an odd,wierd reason, mail me at this adress, and tell me to fix it..:) Oh, The guestbook is down at the moment, im looking for a new one that i can use instead.. Ill put out the old book out soon..:)
Ok, the menu are as following:
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For those who dont know it yet; Final Realms have moved! The new adress are:
fr.hyssing.net 4001
and FR-Anarchy:
fr.hyssing.net 4003
or take a look at the official webpage

I have made a little Icon you can put on your pages, and just click on it to get here. To do this, put this in your page code:
<a href="http://fr.imaginary.com/unofficial/"> 
<img src="http://fr.imaginary.com/unofficial/images/themes.JPG"></a>

This is the logo, if you want, you can save it to your disk so you dont need to to wait to get the icon from this server..:-)

Whoa! Look what happens if you put one female FR-Immortal and one male FR-Immotal, bored to death, and put them infront of paintbrush in windows... Its the FINAL Frontier of Ivanhoe and Quark..

Wanted to be added? Click here and i will put you in!
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